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Illustration / Silvertang


We do it all 

We do all sorts of custom anime art for your private use or a commercial project.

Such as, but not limited to 

OC (original character) for novels, games, TCGs, DND…etc 

Fanart, characters from manga, anime, or game (We love FFXIV!)

Monster design, background design, weapon design, and more! 


LOVE IT!! So sexy and sweet!!! And they went the extra and showed me the dress in another color!! Can't wait to do more with them!



I'm in love with Silvertang's art from my FFXIV character!  This was a dream coming true as I ever wished for an illustration of my character! 

— Excerpt from Luiz's comment

Bugie is AMAZING. It was a pleasure working with such a wonderful & talented artist.  ​If you’re looking for someone to commission artwork, this is who you to go. So fast at responding & just wonderful to work with.

— Excerpt from Fanny C's comment


Simply magnificent artwork. Good communication and always on top of their artwork quality. Definitely recommend this artist and looking to come back with more request from them.

— Fruit


Artists Availability

Estimated completion time:

◎ Silvertang: Mar, 2022

◎ NYACO33: Only accept urgent orders.

Unavailable artist(s):
- Bugie, LeslieVernon,  Molala, Nyacifer

(Jan 9, 2022 Update)

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