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We will adjust the right to display works, the specific content is as follows: 

1. If you wanted to have a confidentiality period for commissions, you would need to purchase a non-buyout copyright or a buyout copyright. 

- Some commissions are only applicable to buyout copyrights, such as Vtuber Model. 

2. Nekotama Anime (including our affiliated artists/riggers) has Display rights of the commission piece, including showcasing production process and display of the finished product. 

- We will add a watermark, and will not directly release the original size and full process. 

- We will not reveal the names of customers or characters at will. 

- However, if the entrusted work would be used for public release purposes such as but not limited to novels, games, host channels, etc., if the customer is willing to provide us with relevant information, we usually would mention it in the showcase. 

3. For buyout copyright, we will showcase the finished product if the customer did not specify whether they allow us to do so. ​


Regarding the confidentiality period, after delivery of the final work: 

1. Please note that if you have not paid for the buyout copyright fee and the duration of the required confidentiality period remains unclear, we usually maintain the preservation of confidentiality for a period spanning around 6 ~ 12 months. 

2. After the 6th month, we will process the showcase either with, only showing the silhouette of it / masking partial of the drawing / putting watermark over or change it to grayscale. When the customer publishes the work, or one year after delivery, we will publish the work showcase. 

An example is as follows: 


3. If you don't want us to show the working process, please feel free to let us know. 


4. The above content about display rights apply to orders starting from March 2023. 
For previous orders, we will still accept the consent of customers who purchased the buyout copyright before releasing it. 


5. For orders placed before March 2023, if we should be unable to get in touch with the customer, we will self-publish the display after 6 months (from delivery date). 


6. If you have other inquires or questions, please feel free to contact us. 

Last updated on February 28, 2023

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