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Please read through our terms and conditions before placing your order. When an order has been placed, we would assume the customer agreed on our terms and conditions.

★ Please contact us before ordering to obtain the correct  quotation.

★ Please do not place your own order until we have sent the purchase link.

★ Please contact us before ordering to confirm the artist's latest schedule.

★ The more complex the details, the higher the price.

★ This is a Anime Style Digital Art product, not a physical product.

★ We will start the work process after the payment has been received.

★ We don't accept refund, exchanges, or cancellations. However, please contact us if you have any problems with your order.


1. Every order has TWO FREE edits chances when we show you the SKETCH.

If there are many revision requests or redrawing of sketch is required, it is not necessarily free, and it depends on the actual situation.

2. Starting from the third time, EXTRA 15% of the full price will be charged each time.

3. More than two sketch revisions may affect the completion date.

4. Each time we submit the sketch for review, we will proceed directly to the next stage if we do not receive a response from you in more than 24 hours.

5. Every change request of the colored work will be charged an EXTRA 15% of the full price.

​​6. If you need a few different designs to decide which one to go with, we might charge an extra design fee. (Applicable from March 2023.)


1. Please be aware that all base pricing is for ONE character only.

2. Special items (background, wings, pet, armor, ext.) will charge extra.

3. Only a single solid color background is free, other types of background will be charged extra.

4. The complicated background will be charged significantly higher than the regular background.

5. The exquisiteness of Painting style is higher than that of Regular color, and the price will be higher.


Before placing an order, please make sure that you know and agree to our authorized use of the work.

Last updated on February 27, 2023

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