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Nekotama Anime, a branch of TriCat, provides customized anime style digital art related services.

Nekotama Anime is formed with a group of close friends and started taking commissions since May 5, 2020.

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​Our Webtoon: Commission Artist's life


At beginning, Nekotama Anime is formed to help our close artist friends who currently don’t have a stable job.  

It is not easy for an artist to find a job that suits them while having control over the style and content of what they want to do. Not everybody wants to have their own business. To start a business, they need to gain lots of business knowledge and being forced to communicate with lots of strangers in order to be successful.  


With Nekotama Anime, now the artists can create the anime characters with a style they love and good at while making income. With all our behind-the-scenes-staff members’ help, our artists can focus on the creative work that they love without worrying about other things. 

Despite our differences, personality and skill-wise, we complement each other's advantages. We help each other to explore better ways of working, and together we have overcome various obstacles. 

Meanwhile, seeing new illustrations being done by our friends everyday is one of the happiest things for us! (Maybe that's why we have Nekotama Anime?!) 

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