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17 Commission FAQ

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

We've listed some of the most frequently asked questions to give new clients some basic understandings of how to commission art from us.😊

Please note that these rules only apply to Nekotama Anime only.


※ About The Commission Process ※

1. I am new to art commissions and I don't know the process. What should I do?

You can see our process here: Here are our Terms & Conditions and how illustration modifications work. You will need to read it before placing your order:

2. I am new to art commissions. What information should I give you?

3. Why do I need to tell you my budget?

4. Should I pay the full amount first to get the slot?

5. What is the next step after I've placed the order?

6. How long will I have to wait before receiving an illustration?


※ About Commission Slots ※

1. The artist I want has closed commissions, can my name be put on the waiting list?

2. I didn't reply to the message in time to place an order. Will I lose my chance to get a slot?


※ About Payment And Price ※

1. I don't have Paypal, how do I pay? Do you have other payment methods?

2. I have budget constraints. What is your approximate price?


※ About Art style ※

1. What is the difference between "Regular color" and "Painting style"? Is there a difference in price?

2. I'm looking for BL / GL / NSFW / Furry art. Can you do it?

3. Why don't you provide a color preview?


※ About The Copyright ※

1. What is copyright? I want to use the artwork on my product/ channel, which license should I buy?

2. How much is your copyright fee?


※ About Live2D/Vtuber Model Art ※

1. I am looking for Vtuber model, do you also do rigging?

2. I am new to Vtuber. What is rig? What is a component layer/split layer?

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