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Bugie's Commission Announcement

Hi there! It’s Bugie here.

I know some of you are waiting for my commission to reopen, and I am sorry to keep you waiting. I will reopen my commission slots eventually, but I also don’t want to waste anyone’s time waiting for that to happen.

I set aside many important things in the last three years as I started working on commissions. They are the main reasons why I wanted to give myself a long break.

I’m still unsure when I will reopen commissions. The October and November slots will remain closed.

Please do not wait for my commissions to open if you have plans on when you want the commission to complete.

Furthermore, I will only take 1~2 commercial orders per month in the future. I will open private slots depending on the situation. The private slots will first be given to returning customers who have kept supporting me during these three years. I might open more slots for other returning customers if I have more time.

I’m sorry it took me so long to post the announcement and explain my commission status!

Thanks to everyone who loves my art and art style! Also thanks to the people who kept returning for getting more commissions.

Thanks to all the Nekotama staff for answering all customer questions regarding my commission slots.

Nekotama staff has been doing a great job of doing customer service, supervising us, and much more which helped me focus on my work. I’m grateful for everything they’ve done!

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