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Base Price Collect

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

The prices below are Full Color base prices, and actual prices will increase with complexity.

Please contact us for an actual final quote.

If you would like to know the price of commercial commission, please contact us.


Bugie's Base Price

Normal human body proportions

Regular color:

  • Headshot =US$92

  • Chest-up =US$112

  • Half body(waist) =US$155

  • Full body =US$210

Painting style:

  • Headshot =US$137

  • Chest-up =US$168

  • Half body(waist) =US$233

  • Full body =US$315

Chibi style

Regular color:

  • Half body =US$65

  • Full body =US$93

Painting style:

  • Half body =US$98

  • Full body =US$138

Vtuber Model PSD

  • Chest-up =US$560

  • Half body (waist-up) =US$745

  • Thigh-up =US$870

  • Full body =US$980

The price of Vtuber model art is the regular color + basic split (no separate layers for abdomen, thighs/calf). Please let us know if you need more component layers.

Jin Amber's Base Price

LeslieVernon's Base Price

LinD's Base Price

Nyacifer's Base Price

NYACO33's Base Price

Silvertang's Base Price

Vtuber/Live2D Riggers:

The content of each rigger's Tier Level is slightly different, please refer to the showcase video and price form.

Noir Tea's Rigging Base Price

EmuKz's Rigging Base Price

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