Noir Tea's Live2D Base Price

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Noir Tea's slots currently are full and will temporarily not take rigging commissions.

But our artists are still available for taking Vtuber model commissions.

Rigging Content
Tier 1
Tier 2
Half body Rigging
Full body Rigging
Eyes/Brows Movement
Eyeblink, Eyesmile
Eye Physics
Mouth Movement
Head Turns & Tilt (Angle XYZ)
Larger Move Range
Body Turns (Body XY)
Larger Move Range
Body Tilt (Body Z)
Hip Sway (Full Body Only)
Arm Movement
Hand/Finger Movement (Full Body Only)
Hair Physics
Body/Clothing Physics

Included in base price:

  • Face Angles XYZ

  • Body Angles XYZ

  • Mouth Movement

  • Eyeblink, Eyesmile

  • Physics for hair, clothing, and accessories

  • VTube Studio model setup and troubleshooting for client